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About Vibeke Bertelsen (Udart)

Vibeke Bertelsen (Udart) Vibeke Bertelsen is a digital artist and creative coder living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2010 she has been a part of artist collective Obscura Vertigo creating large scale visual installations and lighting design projects domestically and internationally. Apart from these large projects she creates web based experiences and short animations for Instagram (attracting several thousands of followers). Vibeke is fascinated with the way the human experience is transformed by digital technologies. Her art questions the gap between real and virtual, flesh and data. Vibekes work is post internet art showcasing her use of digital visuals to investigate the human experience in the internet age. Vibekes work has been displayed at multiple film festivals and her previous interactive piece Valley of Uncanny #01 received positive attention from idN Magazine and Prosthetic Knowledge when it was released online. idN Magazine, Pick Of The Month, June 2014 Prosthetic Knowledge Animal […]

First impressions of Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2 beta

Arkaos is out with a new beta for version 1.2 of their GrandVJ application and that prompted me to check out their software. Especially since they promise support for native Quartz Composer files. The new beta is out for both Mac and Windows. grab it here: So now I have the beta and since I am a seasoned Modul8 user I thought I’d try and do a Modul8 versus GrandVJ feature comparison. Keep in mind that I have a total of 5 hours of experience with GrandVJ versus 3 or 4 years with M8, but I will try to be fair and balanced. General impressions of GrandVJ The basic idea of GrandVJ is not that foreign when coming from Modul8. A lot of the features are pretty much the same in both apps and I don’t cover those here. For instance the midi mapping and key mapping seems to work […]

Fagget Fairies concert

Udart will be doing visuals for Danish duo Fagget Fairys at their concert in Vanløse Kulturhus on 8. October 09 – a great honor for me, I love their uncompromising style! Fagget Fairys Myspace

Udart at Start Festival

I will be doing visuals for various bands this Friday and Saturday 4/5 June 09 at the Start Festival (former Vesterbro Festival). Drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood

Coming up: Support party for ‘Reden’

Support party for Reden 5. Sep 2008 featuring Copyfooking Lulu Rouge Harpcore Trentemøller Rosa Lux All proceeds go to Redens work for improving the conditions for women in prostitution Udart will be doing the visuals for the Harpcore performance