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Download Sliider preview version

Sliider preview version is released for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is open source and free. For Mac you can choose between a Syphon and a Fullscreen version. Download from the table below. Also download a set of example visuals that demonstrate the capabilities of Sliider: Download examples App version Download Fullscreen output Syphon output Preview window Control scene with mouse Mac: Sliider preview Syphon (OS X 10.8+) Download no yes yes yes Mac: Sliider preview Fullscreen (OS X 10.7+) Download yes no no no Windows: Sliider preview Download yes no no no Linux: Sliider preview See info below yes no no no Quick start Download the ‘Examples’ package and the Sliider app for your platform. Click the left most ‘Open’ button in the control window Click ‘Open file’ Locate the index.html in one of the Examples folders and click OK For Linux users There is no prepackaged version for […]

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Live online remix of the maps at

A remix could be many things but in this case the word refers to some modifications I made to the maps at in realtime using the Node-Webkit framework. Like this: What you see on the right is a screen-shot of the live and navigable application at but interface elements have been removed and the whole maps has received a colored tint. In other words it’s possible to modify and change the look and functionality of a live website without copying it to another server or hack the server on which the website resides (don’t do that, kids!). I made the modifications using simple html and javascript which modifies the website when viewed in my own browser – or in this case a specialized application made using the Node-Webkit framework. In this video I demonstrate how the modification works: Background As a part of my work with Obscura we […]

‘Two Way MIDI’ module for Modul8

What does ‘Two Way MIDI’ do? Two Way MIDI is a module that enables Modul8 to send a midi signal back to your midi device. Two Way MIDI will keep your midi device updated with the values from Modul8 so that you avoid annoying ‘jumps’ when the current setting of your device doesn’t match the values of Modul8. Two Way MIDI is downloaded from the ‘Online Library’ menu item within the Modul8 application. Whenever you touch a control in Modul8 or switch to another layer Two way MIDI will update your MIDI device with the current values. Who can use this module? This module is only relevant if you have a midi device that is designed to receive MIDI as well as send MIDI. Typically these devices will have motorized faders or 360 degree (endless) knobs with LED displays. Examples of such are Novation MIDI controllers and Behringer BCF2000.

New module for Modul8

For a couple of years now I have been using the VJ software called Modul8. One of the nice things about Modul8 is, that people with a bit of programming skills are able to augment the application by adding so called modules. I have just made my first module – it is available for download and is called ‘Crop layer (Udart)’. It’s a simple module to make it possible to crop the picture in each layer. Look out for more modules to come (I hope)