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Introducing Sliider – VJing with a web browser

Sliider is a simple yet usable application I’ve created for VJing with webGL and other interactive web based graphics. It works on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. I am releasing an early preview version that has these features: Embedded Chrome browser. 99% of what works in Chrome will work in Sliider. full screen output A B crossfader Load html files from disk or the web Syphon output for the OSX version Control panel with sliders and buttons Drag and click in the scene with the mouse Download Sliider preview version Here’s a video where I demonstrate Sliider Sliider – Demonstration from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo. What is Sliider Sliider is basically a Chrome browser with some added features that makes it more suited for live performance. You can create your own html pages with any graphics you like whether it is based on WebGl, canvas or SVG and Sliider […]

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Syphon into the web browser

Yes apparently we can have a Syphon input into the web browser. It is a workaround done via Quicktime. So it has some limitations. The biggest limitation being that we can not use the Syphon input as a texture in WebGL. When I did this I prepared a Syphon client in Quartz Composer and converted it to a Quicktime file. Then I put it into my webpage like this: <embed width=”400px” height=”300px” name=”plugin” src=”file:///” type=”video/quicktime”> It does seem that we can put CSS filters on the Quicktime element which I hadn’t expected (tested in Safari and Chrome). Like this: <head> <style> .filtered { -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(230deg) saturate(300%) blur(6px); } </style> </head> <body> <embed class=”filtered” width=”400px” height=”300px” name=”plugin” src=”” type=”video/quicktime”> </body> I have also tested the awesome up-and-coming CSS custom filters feature but it does not work on videos or embedded content – yet. I have a hope that when it is […]

New visuals

Here’s a preview of the new set of visuals I am currently working on. Udart – Deep space moves from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo.

My reading list

Thought I’d share this with you. I have a list of blogs related to live visuals and VJing that I follow. Here is a feed that collects the posts from all these blogs. Enjoy…

Realtime visuals – open up the cage with Syphon

I had a hard time finding a headline for this post. The thing is that something is happening in the VJ/visuals world that is getting me very excited. That thing is a new technology on the Mac called Syphon. At this point I think only a small circle of programmers and techies are aware of Syphon as it hasn’t yet been released. I think it’s going to have a tremendous impact on the way realtime visual apps (think VDMX, Modul8, Resolume) and visual programming environments are going to work in the future. Let me try to explain. Update: As of today November 3rd, there is a public beta for download for Quartz, FreeFrame, Unity 3D and Jitter. Today each visual app or VJ app is like a closed cage. You create your graphics and it is then sent to your monitor, your video projector or whereever. The output of the […]

Projection mapping on the rise

As visualists have noticed already and known for some time now, projection mapping is cool. And now it seems that this technique is going mainstrem in a big way as it is beginning to be used more and more in commercial contexts. In my city I am noticing more and more outdoor video projections – some of them using mapping techniques. For those who stumble upon this article and are not familiar with the term, projection mapping is the technique of beaming video (with a standard video projector) onto three dimensional objects and adjusting and masking the image so that it seems to follow the shape of the target object instead of spilling out onto walls etc. The result can be surprisingly effective and eye catching as the video is no longer a flat square on the wall but becomes an object in space – an animated sculpture if you […]

Best music videos 2008

And continuing that theread here is a list of the 10 best music videos according to danish magazine sound venue:

The most innovative visuals of 2008

Here is a Top10 list of the best concert visuals in 2008: I wish some of these tours would visit Denmark. I might go to the concerts just for the visuals even if I didn’t care for the music.

Coming up August 2008

Phewww.. I have a very busy but also exciting week ahead of me: Wednesday 20/08: I am going to the Malm̦ Festival and do some outdoor VJing along with other VJs. I hope to get to chat with some of the others about VJ stuff Friday 22/08: Alex Puddu is playing with his band Bad Boys of 79 at Stengade 30 and I made the visuals for the whole show. Saturday 23/08: I will be doing visuals for a dance performance by the Berlin based artist Marek which is called The Nature Of Precarity. The show is a part of the performance festival Body Images РGender Realities

The Rutt-Etra synthesizer

Here is an interesting clip, showing an old video synthesizer from 1970. The pictures produced are quite blurry and grainy but considering the whole thing is made by completely analogue technology the results are quite fascinating: Here is a contemporery music video that utilises this video synthesizer along with some other classic analogue effects such as feedback etc.