Download Sliider preview version

Sliider preview version is released for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is open source and free. For Mac you can choose between a Syphon and a Fullscreen version. Download from the table below.

Also download a set of example visuals that demonstrate the capabilities of Sliider: Download examples

App version Download Fullscreen output Syphon output Preview window Control scene with mouse
Mac: Sliider preview Syphon
(OS X 10.8+)
Download no yes yes yes
Mac: Sliider preview Fullscreen
(OS X 10.7+)
Download yes no no no
Windows: Sliider preview Download yes no no no
Linux: Sliider preview See info below yes no no no

Quick start

  • Download the ‘Examples’ package and the Sliider app for your platform.
  • Click the left most ‘Open’ button in the control window
  • Click ‘Open file’
  • Locate the index.html in one of the Examples folders and click OK

For Linux users

There is no prepackaged version for Linux and I have not tested on Linux. You should be able to run Sliider by downloading Node-Webkit for Linux and the Sliider source. Drop the Sliider source folder on the Node-Webkit application and it should work.


Example file “Perlin Blob” derives from Perlin Noise examples by Jaume Sanchez Elias. The Voronoi shader example derives from this shader by Inigo Quilez. The Sketch example uses the osg.js framework

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  1. jac gautreau

    this is very exciting work. Am very much looking forward to exploring it further. Will it work in Chrome OS (on a chrome book)?

  2. Udart (Author)

    Jac, I haven’t had a chance to test, but I’m pretty sure it will, probably a few tweaks will be required though.

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