New module for Modul8

For a couple of years now I have been using the VJ software called Modul8. One of the nice things about Modul8 is, that people with a bit of programming skills are able to augment the application by adding so called modules.
I have just made my first module – it is available for download and is called ‘Crop layer (Udart)’. It’s a simple module to make it possible to crop the picture in each layer.
Look out for more modules to come (I hope)

crop layer

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  1. Nice Job there!!

    I was testing you firewire hack on snow leopard and was able to output video from a macbookpro into a macpro with vdmx, sweet!!

    Keep it up!!



  2. Edgar Alberto

    I have been using your module on Modul8 2.5 and I’m loving it but it has a problem, every time i restart Modul8 some layers loose the changes of your module. Even horse, the “Bottom and right” cross goes to the top left corner making those layers to completely disappear!!!
    That only happens in some layers and everytime Modul8 is restart.
    Im using it in several layers of my Modul8 project, around 19 layers at the same time, some stay ok some change!
    Can you please tell if there is a away of fixing this error.
    Thanks for your attention.

  3. Udart (Author)

    Hi there, I have become aware of the problem with this module and I have uploaded a fix. Please download it again from the library then restart Modul8. Hope it helps – if not let me know.

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