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Video on walls

At live concerts video projectors will typically point to the stage and video will light up behind the band. The challenge is to enhance the message or mood of the music without obstructing the listening experience. But at this installation I made for the local Stairway Festival the projectors pointed to the side walls of the room instead. Here the video images became part of the light design and the aim was to transform the rather dull and sterile looking room into something interesting and appealing. [nggallery id=2]

A couple of pics from my current project

My current project is an experimantal short film. I had the idea one day looking at an orchid in the window sill. I have used no post processing tricks just the plant and some visuals beamed onto it with the video projector. The visuals were made with eMotion,  the QC patch Soundflower and a particle screensaver. I hope to be able post the film soon although my little baby girl keeps pushing my personal deadline for when it should be ready. That’s okay – these days I only do projects with a very flexible time frame. [nggallery id=1]