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Modul8 quick tip: Keep track of your files with links

All users of Modul8 encounter the problem of keeping track of files in their projects I suppose. Sometimes you want to reuse media in new projects without creating extra copies of them and thereby cluttering your hard drive. Still you want the media collected in the same folder as the project in order to not break anything if you rename or move the original. You might think that creating an alias of the media would work, but Modul8 doesn’t import aliases. I found another solution in the Terminal command for creating ‘hard links’. A hard link works a bit like an alias except it appears to be an actual file and it works in Modul8. In reality there is only one copy of the movie taking up space. And even if you rename, move or delete the original file the new file will continue to work. EDIT: One caveat I […]

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Rendering Quartz Composer compositions

If you have made a Quartz composition you might sometimes want to render it out frame by frame to another format. Here is the way that I found to get the best quality: 1. You need a Quicktime Pro license, which is a paid upgrade to the free Quicktime Player. Get it – it’s useful every day when you work with motion graphics. 2. Open the qtz file in Quicktime Pro. 3. Hit ‘Save as’ and set the duration you want for the final movie. Now the file has been saved as a .mov file, but we’re not done. The file is still basically just a .qtz file in a Quicktime packaging. Step 3 4. Open the new .mov file in Quicktime (if it has not automatically opened in a window already) 5. Hit cmd+J to display the movie properties 6. Click on the second line where it says Quartz […]