About Vibeke Bertelsen (Udart)

Vibeke Bertelsen (Udart)

Vibeke Bertelsen aka. Udart is a visual artist and creative coder based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vibeke works mainly with short animations and interactive multimedia. In her work Vibeke often place human figures that disintegrate in various ways and the animations seem to expose the frailty of the human experience. At other times she does more lighthearted and humorous work. She is also inspired by glitch art and the way it reveals the underlying logic of a given technology.

“I am doing a lot of gifs on Tumblr at the moment. I’m quite fascinated by the constraints of this format and the way it forces me to do ultra short animations. “

Apart from these gifs Vibeke also does animated music videos and interactive pieces for the web.

Open source art

“I have decided that I want to make all my work open source. I am inspired by Beeple and David O’Reilly who have been releasing parts of their creations also. Apart from sharing knowledge it’s also a way of demystifying the process of creating art.”

Post internet

“My work is post internet – not so much in the subject of the work but in the way I would never have learnt the technology without the internet and the way I reuse bits and pieces other people have developed.”

Vibeke has developed the VJ software Sliider and other utility apps for visual artists. Apart from her solo work Vibeke is also a core part of the bureau Obscura Vertigo working with large scale multimedia installations for events.

“Ever since high school I’ve had two interests, computers and art. I feel so happy and priviliged that now I am able to unite these two and create my own things.””


idN Magazine, Pick Of The Month, June 2014

Prosthetic Knowledge

Animal New York


MashRome FilmFest., Italy 2012.
CologneOFF Film Festival, Germany 2013.
Robot Festival, Italy 2014
Madatac, Spain 2014

Contact Vibeke Bertelsen
+45 2027 3431

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