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‘Two Way MIDI’ module for Modul8

What does ‘Two Way MIDI’ do? Two Way MIDI is a module that enables Modul8 to send a midi signal back to your midi device. Two Way MIDI will keep your midi device updated with the values from Modul8 so that you avoid annoying ‘jumps’ when the current setting of your device doesn’t match the values of Modul8. Two Way MIDI is downloaded from the ‘Online Library’ menu item within the Modul8 application. Whenever you touch a control in Modul8 or switch to another layer Two way MIDI will update your MIDI device with the current values. Who can use this module? This module is only relevant if you have a midi device that is designed to receive MIDI as well as send MIDI. Typically these devices will have motorized faders or 360 degree (endless) knobs with LED displays. Examples of such are Novation MIDI controllers and Behringer BCF2000.

My reading list

Thought I’d share this with you. I have a list of blogs related to live visuals and VJing that I follow. Here is a feed that collects the posts from all these blogs. Enjoy…

Orchidelia – miniature mapping

Here’s a short segment I did with a video projector and an orchid – not an image of an orchid but a real live house plant. I projected images made with eMotion and the Quartz Composer Soundflower patch onto the petals of the flower.