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Realtime visuals – open up the cage with Syphon

I had a hard time finding a headline for this post. The thing is that something is happening in the VJ/visuals world that is getting me very excited. That thing is a new technology on the Mac called Syphon. At this point I think only a small circle of programmers and techies are aware of Syphon as it hasn’t yet been released. I think it’s going to have a tremendous impact on the way realtime visual apps (think VDMX, Modul8, Resolume) and visual programming environments are going to work in the future. Let me try to explain. Update: As of today November 3rd, there is a public beta for download for Quartz, FreeFrame, Unity 3D and Jitter. Today each visual app or VJ app is like a closed cage. You create your graphics and it is then sent to your monitor, your video projector or whereever. The output of the […]

A happy turn of events

Thought I would briefly let you all know that I have now become a full time visualist. Until recently I had a part time job as a web developer to support my crazy addiction to visuals, but a happy turn of events have allowed me to dedicate myself fully to visual projects from now on. This has become possible because I have joined the Copenhagen based group Obscura. Obscura now consists of 4 people Frederik Hilmer, Thea Collett, Kasper Rasmussen and myself. Obscura does large scale visual installations for events be it concerts, award shows, parties of different kinds and hopefully there will also in the future be room for a few self financed experimental projects. Here’s two of our recent jobs Mapping at Carlsberg, Kulturnatten 2010 Giant visuals at The Royal Library Actually although Obscura has lead a quiet existence when it comes to exposure on the web, Frederik […]