Organizing your images and movies with Adobe Bridge

This is a short demonstration of how to use Adobe Bridge for quickly browsing through all your images and movies and adding selected items to Modul8 or another VJ application.

Now I know that everybody has their own workflow and preferences when organizing their files but you might find this tip useful if you ever find yourself in situations (like I often do) where you want to create a VJ set from items in your library and you lose track of what you have inside your hierarchy of folders and need a visual way to quickly browse through the whole collection.

This tip is a demonstration of one way to use the software – Adobe Bridge has other features like filters, search and options for rating and labeling your media (or files of any other type).

Now when using Modul8 I realize it’s better to always keep your media in the same place as the project file. In the video I drag the media directly into M8. Another and better way may be to create a project folder first then copying the media by dragging them from Bridge into the folder while holding down the alt/option key.

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  1. That’s pretty cool!
    But I think you can use smart folders in finder. Smart folders do the same with less memory usage.
    Thanks for dvout tutorial!

  2. Udart (Author)

    Now why didn’t I think of that… I do agree that smart folders would probably give you much of the same functionality – and perhaps the speed browsing through media would be better. Thanx for the tip.

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