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The 5$ video mixer – how to do a DV screen cast through Firewire

I have found a way to transfer a live video screen capture from one Mac to another Mac using DV over Firewire. This might be useful for VJs who want to mix video from two computers without using a capture card – the 5$ in the title of this post is for buying a Firewire cable. Have a look at this video tutorial or read on for a text version – sorry about the less than optimal video and audio quality – this is my first attempt at doing a tutorial: First of all you need to download a couple of components which I have collected in a handy zip file: DV screen capture components Here are the links for the original sources of the components in the zip file: VirtualDV (in FireWire SDK 26) Quartz Composer Live DV v002 Screen Capture Please be aware that as I have not […]

Fagget Fairies concert

Udart will be doing visuals for Danish duo Fagget Fairys at their concert in Vanløse Kulturhus on 8. October 09 – a great honor for me, I love their uncompromising style! Fagget Fairys Myspace