Controlling Modul8 with your Iphone or Ipod Touch

I have found out how to use my iPod Touch as a controller for the Modul8 VJ app. You need the OSCemote app for the iPod and the OSCulator app on your mac.

Here’s the recipe:

1. On the iPod Touch / iPhone go to app store and download OSCemote. You can try the free version first just to try it out
2. On the mac download OSCulator from here:
3. Install Osculator and look in the folders for the OSCemote file. Launch the Osculator by opening this file
4. Open OSCemote on the iphone and fill out the IP address and port of your Mac. Make sure the port is the same as configured in OSCulator. You should see a ‘connected’ message.
5. Try some of the buttons and see how the lamps in OSCulator light up yellow to indicate there is a signal

Now you can try some of the buttons in OSCemote and hook them up to MIDI in OSCulator. Afterwards you hook up the midi signals in Modul8 and voila you are controlling Modul8 with your iPhone

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